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Staff Augmentation Services – Cleared or Non-cleared personnel

MJ Burg Associates and its partners have access to IT talent with the latest technical expertise and methodologies and with experience in specific application areas such as Government, Finance, Healthcare, etc.

For more information, contact Mark Burg at (301) 706-2606 or mark@mjburg.com

MJ Burg Associates and its partners support the technical areas of:

  • e-Business
  • Application Development
  • Network and Internet Infrastructure
  • COOP and Contingency Planning Infrastructure
  • Systems Integration

MJ Burg Associates Candidates are available for:

  • Contract Labor
  • Option to Hire
  • Direct Hire

MJ Burg Associates uses a client directed process:

  1. Client indicates need of skill’s, cost, etc
  2. Initial conference for requirement definition
  3. Base personal profile developed
  4. Candidate research, identification, initial screening and initial interview by MJ Burg Associates Team
  5. Candidate credentials presented to client
  6. Background screening initiated, Standard or Extended
  7. Candidate final submission to client for interview
  8. On-board management process begins

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