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Crisis Management Planning

Today Crisis Management is an evolving area due to 9/11, Katrina and now the tragedy of Virginia Tech. Every organization in the United States including businesses, schools, and governments, now has the implied or actual responsibility to respond correctly and in a timely manner to crisis events as never before. The public has now seen and heard enough about why established organizations failed in responding properly to disasters not thought possible before the above events.

We now need to take the elementary steps of creating a Crisis Management Plan for these natural, man made, and technical events. Much like the fire drills we have all participated in which included personal accountability plans that consisted of everyone meeting at an assigned location to have our names read from a clip board, today technology has provided additional capabilities but they have not totally eliminated the old stand buys of Sirens and Clip Boards.

Depending on your particular environment or responsibility of a single building, campus, and or region, MJ Burg Associates has the knowledge and experience to assist your management in designing a Crisis Management Plan which may include and address the key elements of:

  • Crisis Communication Plans/training for your organization, Media and the Public
  • Your telecommunication infrastructure and capabilities
  • Your enterprise resiliency and security
  • Public Safety capabilities both in-house and local
  • Alert / Notification and Responder Credentialing planning

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